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You will receive access to the following courses
The Social Media Playbook which is by far the best course in all of network marketing on how to build your business using social media
The Advanced Recruiting Training Course
How to Recruit 10 People in One Week
The Blitz strategy
Increase Duplication in Your Team & Get the New Person Running Fast 
The 10x Legend Course (This course is done through a series of daily emails)
The Social Media Playbook for Network Marketers
the myths of social media
MYTH # 1
It is overwhelming and too complicated
I didn’t use social media for a few years when I started Network Marketing because I had no idea where to even begin. Social media can be overwhelming if you don’t learn how to properly use it. It can be like that messy room or kitchen that is so messy you don’t even know where to begin cleaning. The key is to know where to start and go step by step. A mountain is never easy to climb but it is so much easier if you know the exact path. I will give you that path.        
MYTH # 2
It is a time waster that never turns into actually making money
Most people do waste time on Facebook and haven’t learned how to make money with it. I have built teams in over 40 countries. I have built both online and offline. I have learned the exact strategies to use to help you to never run out of contacts. I can teach you how to create credibility in an authentic non over the top hype way. It won’t happen overnight but my strategies work. will make sure you have a purpose on Facebook and don’t waste time.
MYTH # 3
Only celebrities attract thousands of followers  
Of course celebrities do but so can you. Even after having success in Network Marketing I was awful on social media for over a year. Once I learned the intricacies of social media it wasn’t easy but my engagement went up every month until eventually it skyrocketed. I have helped so many create large followings and always do so in non gimmick ways. YOU want loyal followers. It has been said that if you create 1000 loyal followers you will make millions of dollars. Your goal may or may not be a million dollars but whatever your goal is the principle is the same. Create a loyal following and you will increase your revenue.
MYTH # 4
You need to post 5 times a day to be successful 
This is so wrong!!! Social media has changed and most so called experts are behind the times. I will teach what types of posts work as well as how often to post. It isn’t the same everyday. I will also teach you when you shouldn’t post again in the same day and how long you should wait in spacing out your posts to get maximum engagement. 
MYTH # 5
You need to be on every social media network  
I couldn’t disagree more. That is overwhelming. Why would you want to be average on 3 platforms? You want to become great at one and then you have the option should you choose to expand into other social media platforms.
MYTH # 6
It is expensive. I have to spend a ton of money
I didn’t spend money on social media until I had over 8000 followers on my personal profile. There is no need to spend money on Facebook until you first have an audience. Once you have an audience then you will have a brand that you can parlay into a business page. I will teach you exactly how to start with 5000 followers on day 1 on your business page. They will be loyal followers and not fake followers!
MYTH # 7
I will have to be FAKE and all of the sudden become an expert 
This may or may not be one of your concerns. It was one of mine. You can’t all of the sudden be the expert or you and your audience will feel uncomfortable. I will teach you how to ease into it and be an authority but also yourself. I will teach you the balance on what types of posts you should make balancing business and life.
4 tips on How to Transition Facebook Likes and Comments into $$$$$ 
  Tips #3 and #4 are KEY  
Here is a Facebook Live that I did on social media.

If you like this Live you will love the course because I only give about 10% of my insights on Facebook Lives. I give you visual examples and go much more in depth in my course!
Jen Johnson
Rob Sperry is one of the top trainers in all of Network Marketing and especially when it comes to social media. He can show you how to build your business the right way mixing in old school timeless principles with modern day social media techniques. His insights on how to maximize Facebook Lives, Facebook Messenger and Facebook in general will teach you how to prospect, create duplication and massive momentum.
John and Nadya Melton, 7 figure earners and social media experts
When it comes to learning how to build a business on social media, Rob is one of the BEST when it comes to teaching it. I'm grateful to call him a personal friend and mentor. His experience, servant heart and willingness to over-deliver shows in his new course The Social Media Playbook for Network Marketers.

Technology and social media are constantly changing and Rob is always providing not only the most up to date strategies to help you but also keeps them simple for you to understand and implement. I highly encourage you picking up The Social Media Playbook for Network Marketers if you want to take your business to the next level and have the edge on social media.
Brian Fryer. one the leading social media gurus in all of Network Marketing
Total Value: $3,266
Never Run Out of Great Content on Social Media (A $199 Value)
I know when I started posting on social media I always ran out of things to say. I wanted to post everyday but I didn't want to make dumb posts that were about what I ate for breakfast everyday. I will not only teach you how to create an unlimited amount of content but will teach you how to create great content.

I will also teach you:
  •  When you should post...
  •  How often you should post...
First Impressions (A $47 Value)
First Impressions on Social Media can make the difference between someone accepting your friend request or deleting it. First impressions are like your modern day resume on social media. It sounds simple but it is an art. I will give you exact examples of both good and bad first impressions.
  •  I cover the look and feel of your Facebook Profile as well as the 5 featured photos...
  •  How to convey your brand...
  •  What should you do with posts that get no engagement?
  •  What do you list in the about section?
The Facebook Like Formula For Business Pages: Randy Schrum has over 300k followers on Facebook and gives us an exact plan for gaining real followers (A $399 Value)
Learn how I grew my Business Page by 30k followers within a few months. Yes I did it with real followers and I also did for 0.01 a like which absolutely unheard of! Before I learned these tips from Randy I watched 15 YouTube videos learning how to gain followers for less than $0.10. I never achieved less than $0.80 until Randy showed me his method.

I will also give you a little known trick for creating 5k instant followers on your business page.
How to use Facebook Groups to RECRUIT and RETAIN with Angel Fletcher (A $249 Value)
Angel Fletcher is a 7 figure earner. She doesn’t do in home meetings. She builds her entire business through social media with a strong emphasis on Facebook Groups. She will teach which Facebook Groups to join and why. She will teach you how to have unlimited amount of contacts from these new Facebook Groups. She will teach you what to do in these Facebook Groups. She will also cover what she does inside her own Facebook Groups. She will give you her game plan for adding new customers and distributors. Angel will give you her insight on how she separates even her distributor Facebook Groups which has taken her business to the next level!
Unclutter Facebook to Maximize Your Time (A $47 Value)
Facebook is cluttered! It can become a black hole of wasting time.  

I will give you all of my secret sauce tips (yes I said secret on how I uncluttered Facebook to help me make more money.
  •  Maximize time with new prospects...
  •  Maximize time following the right leaders...
  •  My strategies behind unfollowing, who to see first and who to have as close friends...
The Facebook Friend Strategy (A $99 Value)
I go through my exact game plan on...
  •  Who to friend...
  •  How many people you should friend each day...
  •  Where to find new friendS...
  •  When and why you should do a Facebook Cleanse
How to Master Facebook Lives to Build Your Business (A $299 Value)
I will help you overcome your fears, give you tips on how to practice FB lives, increase engagement and views. This training has helped beginners all the way to million dollar earners have more success.

This isn’t some quick fix training. I spend over an hour giving you all of the tips that the very best use. Don’t worry I simplify it for you and give you a cheat sheet to help you.
How to Create Great Headlines and 10x Your Engagement (A $199 Value)
This topic is one of that isn’t taught often but will make a massive impact on everything from posts, to Facebook Lives to even anything to do with speaking. Mastering this training is one of the major reasons my engagement skyrocketed. I went to one of the top coaches and personally got trained for months on how to create great headlines. In this training I will outline 14 different types of headlines and how to use them. This training also saved my book The Game of Networking. After finishing my book I went back and applied these techniques to all aspects of my book. Headlines are used for more than just the headline. I will show you how in a simple yet powerful way.
The Top 5 Hacks on Facebook from Social Media Guru, Frazer Brookes (A $97 Value)
Frazer Brookes has the most creative unheard of hacks to crush Facebook. He will teach you how to stand out and get results. He will give you a crazy cool strategy that I have never seen anyone else teach on wishing others Happy Birthday. Facebook is all about breaking through the clutter so that you can stand out and create real relationships. Frazer will also teach you the power of Facebook lists to gain quick interaction. Those are only 2 of the 5 tips.
In Depth Training on How to Transition Likes and Comments into $, using One of the Important Tools Facebook has to Offer  (A $97 Value)
Likes, comments and shares are nice but who cares how much engagement you have if you don’t know how to transition that into money! I will not only teach you how to transition but I will also teach you exactly when you transition. I will teach you the principles to use and how to create a profitable Facebook to help take your Network Marketing business to another level. I will teach you in a way that is duplicatable so that you can leverage these strategies with your team.
The Strategy Behind Facebook (A $97 Value)
Social Media expert Brian Fryer and I give you the overall strategy of social media to attract thousands of followers...
  •  How to brand yourself...
  •  How to become an authority on social media...
  •  Strategies and insights will give you a ton of clarity and help you to create attraction marketing...
Private Facebook Mastermind Group (A $397 Value)
  •  A great place to share ideas and get your questions answered...
  •  A very supportive like minded community
  •  This group will be one of the most useful resources to help you learn...
  •   It has been said that your income is typically the average of the 5 people you hang around the most. Come join other successful social media experts on your journey...

5 Steps to Building a Profitable Network Marketing Business on Facebook with John and NadYa Melton! (A $99 Value)
We had the Melton’s do an exclusive Facebook Live just for this course/community. The Melton’s are 7 figure earners who have built their business 100% via social media. They give an inside look at what it takes to build your network marketing business with Facebook.
How to Build Your Business Using LinkedIn with James Yates (A $199 Value)
Most people don’t know you can make a ton of money on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a gold mine if you learn how to navigate it. James Yates has done it. He has built a worldwide business through LinkedIn and will screenshare his account showing exactly what he did to build his business through LinkedIn. After this training you will know more than 99% of all Network Marketer’s that are already using LinkedIn.
The Top 5 Instagram Hacks (A $199 Value)
Alex Lombard has grown has his Instagram to over 100k followers. He has duplicated those efforts growing 15 accounts to at least 20k followers. Within 4 months he grew my account to over 10k followers and did with real followers. Not one follower was bought. Alex will give you his system for becoming an Instagram authority.
Learn the Secrets of Using Facebook Ads (A $199 Value)
Randy Schrum has spent millions of dollars on Facebook Ads. He opens up his back office to show you his blueprint for ads. He goes through specific ads and gives you real life examples. He covers how much you should start out spending, target audiences, return on your investment and how to pixel.
The 7 Deadly Sins! Things that HURT the Facebook Algorithm! Updates and WHAT I have done to have my engagement go up each Algorithm Change...
Here is another Facebook Live that I did.

It was awful lighting! Lol. Again this spur of the moment trainings with no ppt or visuals. My course will structure everything in order. It will give you a step by step process for success on social media.
Rob Sperry
"Discover What You Need To Know 
on HOW to Recruit 10 people in 
ONE week.  I will give proven 
strategies ... not gimmicks.
What You Will Learn From This In Depth Hour Plus Training:
Secret #1: Little Known Planning Top EARNERS use BEFORE going on a ONE WEEK BLITZ
I will give you my exact preparation for the mindset, who you are looking for, time needed and other strategies to get you ready to have that HUGE WEEK!
Secret #2: How to Be a MONSTER RECRUITER without being pushy or salesy
It is an art learning how to recruit very well but doing it in a tactful way that isn't annoying.  I will give you the language as well as the psychology behind CLOSING.
Secret #3: The Secrets to Building Momentum and having a HUGE pop to propell your Network Marketing Business
Building momentum has become so cliche!  Let me teach you the science behind building it and how I became the top recruiter out of a million distributors.
How to 3x Your Business Using The Blitz Strategy
With Lance Conrad
($200 value) 
If you don’t already know Lance, you should!

Lance has trained hundreds of thousands of distributors around the world and has built teams in 40+ countries. He has been featured in Network Marketing Times, recorded broadcasts for and been invited as a featured speaker for top companies within the MLM community. 

In 2008, Lance joined a multi-billion dollar per year network marketing company. He achieved the top rank of the company within 1 year of starting. In a company with more than a million distributors, he was ranked in the top 3 worldwide for recruiting and new business growth 3 years in a row.
List building is ESSENTIAL to network marketing but the truth is, million dollar earners create and build their lists DIFFERENTLY. 
($200 value) 
In this training, I’ll teach you the EXACT strategy I used to sign up 17 new people in ONE DAY. 
 If you’re ready to really go ALL-IN, I invite you to grab my
Advanced Training
you’ll learn the exact process I used to launch my network marketing career with $45,000 in sales. 
How to transition Facebook Likes and comments into MONEy using one of the MOST important tools Facebook has to offer. 
This course is part of my exclusive Social Media Course of All Courses and is a bonus to YOU for investing into The Recruiting Strategies Course. 
The Social Media recruiting course has been so valuable!
Each course is well layed out. It is great that you have brought in other experts in Social Media arena so they can share their Niches to Riches strategies. 

All the guest speaker/people have been so humble and passionate about wanting to help this community which is just fantastic. Top of the line course. Very much appreciated. 
Deb Arth (Darth)
Current, practical, understandable, and ACTIONABLE - these are the words I would use to describe Rob's Social Media Training. I have been following Rob for about a year now, and although I love Eric Worre for the foundational knowledge he provides, I love Rob Sperry even more because he takes those core skills and turns them into meaningful actions that you can do every day to keep the progress and momentum coming your way.
The value that I get from this course (it just seems to keep on giving with new modules and updates!) is HUGE and worth every dime. And it has not only brought value for me, it has brought huge value to my team by teaching me how to teach them right! After every module I hear you say (whether you say or not), I know you know this and apply it in your business, but do your team members apply it in theirs?? They are now Rob!
Jeff Browne
Rob Sperry
"Discover What You Need To Know 
on How To Increase Duplication In Your Team And Get The New Person Running Fast .  I will give proven 
strategies ... not gimmicks.
Increase Duplication In Your Team And Get The New Person Running Fast
($119 Value) 
Watch This Until The End
Recruiting/Duplication Strategies to Crush Enrollments!!!
What You Will Learn From This In Depth Training:
Secret #1: Little Known Tips Top EARNERS use to get the NEWEST person SPRINTING

I will give you my exact preparation for the mindset, who you are looking for, time needed and other strategies to get you ready to have that HUGE DUPLICATION!
Secret #2: How to Be a MONSTER RECRUITER through duplication without being pushy or salesy
It is an art learning how to recruit very well but doing it in a tactful way that isn't annoying.  I will give you the language as well as the psychology behind getting massive duplcation.
Secret #3: The Secrets to Building Momentum and having a HUGE pop to propell your Network Marketing Business
Building momentum has become so cliche!  Let me teach you the science behind building it and how I became the top recruiter out of a million distributors.
The 10x Legend Course
10 Days 
($697 Value) 
This 10x Legend Course from Rob Sperry and 10 LEGENDS will empower you to thrive by equipping you to experience 10 days of wins.
Through a series of daily emails 10 Leading Experts Share Proven, Practical Advice to Help You INCREASE your RECRUITING and Experience 10 Specific “Wins” in Just 10 Days!!!
Why You Should Take the 10x Legend Course:
  •  RECRUITNG:  It is the HARDEST yet most important SKILL in Network Marketing.  Without RECRUITING there is no duplicating
  • 11 DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVES: You never know which style, personality, strategy, technique, tip or story WILL CHANGE everything for YOU!
  •  STRAIGHT TO THE POINT: I am not here to waste your time!  All 10 LEGENDS will train you in 18 minutes or LESS.  MORE ACTION.  LESS TALK!
  •  CHALLENGE: Sometimes we need a good BUTT KICKING!!!  No we don't SHAME anyone but sometimes we NEED that CHALLENGE to BREAKTHROUGH!  There isn't a better CHALLENGE that will HELP you more than RECRUITING
  •  MONEY: More recruitng equals more impact on others and more money to help you live your dreams and passions.
  •  EASIER: NOPE!  It is never going to be EASY but with the right training we can definitely make it easier.
 Get access to this exclusive experience and RECRUITING advice from 10 renowned experts!

Who Are the Experts and What Are the 10 DAY Challenges?
How to Recruit Influencers
Lance Conrad
Lance has trained hundreds of thousands of distributors around the world and has built teams in 37+ countries. He has been featured in The Network Marketing Times, recorded broadcasts for MLM Nation and been invited as a feature speaker for many companies within the Network Marketing community. He has provided consulting services for small start-up companies to companies that do hundreds of millions per year in sales. 
Early in his career he was a technical recruiter receiving the trophy of Rookie of the Year out of 500 plus offices. After 2 years he left to start his own recruiting company, HireSolutions. He wrote 3 books on recruiting and trained 137 different offices on the recruiting techniques he created. He sold the HireSolutions franchise to a public company.
How to Recruit Millennials
Anthony Napolitano
Through his work ethic, focus, consistency and commitment, Anthony Napolitano achieved the top rank of his company at just 22 years old. 

From a young age, Anthony's had the knowledge to fully grasp but through focus, hard work, amazing things are possible. 

Anthony Napolitano currently travels the world to help others become financially fit.  When you visit his Instagram, you’ll notice that he has over a whopping 61,000 followers. Anthony’s Instagram is full of inspirational and investor lifestyle images. In the next few years Anthony Napolitano is on a journey to becoming one the top earners in the whole entire industry.
How to Transition Likes & Comments
Emily Vavra
Emily started her Network Marketing business when she was 23 years old. She and her husband, Hayden, are the youngest couple to become millionaires. They have been honored as Top 100 Income Earners and won many awards. Emily loves working out, diving into fashion (including working on her own brand), exploring, and traveling the world.
How to Recruit Customers
Rachel Jackson
In 2009 she started video marketing and within 18 months had over a million views on YouTube and ten thousand people on her mailing list.
Since then RJ has been using attraction market and building what she calls a “MicroCelebrity” following to amass a team to do over $100m in revenue and she’s earned just over $4.7m in the last 7 years.
Instagram Recruiting Secrets
Kimberly Olson
Kimberly Olson is the creator of The Goal Digger Girl, a multi-dimensional brand that serves female entrepreneurs through small group coaching, focused workshops and a whole lot of training on how to build successfully on social media.
She has two PhDs in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition, has achieved a leadership position in her current network marketing company, is the author of the best-selling book, The Goal Digger, has a weekly podcast and travels nationally public speaking.
The POWER of Taprooting 
Calvin Becerra
Calvin has been in the Network Marketing industry for 11 years. He has built an organization that spans across more than 120 countries with over 1 million people. He credits his success to a work ethic he developed starting at 8 years old and the adversity that constantly challenged him throughout his life.
He is a massive recruiter that understands how to BUILD depth and DUPLICATE fast!
How to Always Recruit Several at a Time
Brian Carruthers
In under three years, by the age of 30, Brian made his first million dollars in his network marketing business. He went on to build an empire that has generated a 7-figure annual income for more than ten straight years. 
$20 Million Earner
Team paid over $400 Million
1,500 personal recruits
400,000 distributors
2 Million customers
Generate Unlimited Leads on FB
Frazer Brooke's
Frazer is a second generation Network Marketer. After attending his first event in 1987 in the womb of his mother, he went on to see his parents earn 8 figures from the industry.
In 2010 he decided to begin his career as a distributor and in 5 years was able to build a business of over 300,000 customers using social media!
How to build rapport with randoms/strangers FAST sothey can’t wait to give you their details & keep connected
Nathan and Martene Wallace
Nathan and Martene are the top income earners in Australia for their company.  They have impacted so many.  Martene was a featured speaker at GoPro.  Both Nathan and Martene KNOW how to RECRUIT!
How to Close Without Being Pushy
Hayley Hobson
Her podcast has more than 10,000 downloads per month and her healthy life and biz blogs are featured in MindBody Green, Positively Positive and Network Marketing Magazine expanding her influence beyond 1 million fans. 

When she’s not teaching or running a multiple seven figure home based business, you can find her holding boat pose in hot yoga, or working out with with her award winning athlete husband, Wes. She is a real person who fully claims and accepts her inherent birthright to be a mom, to live her passion, AND make money.
total value = $3,533
your investment = starts at only $397
SECURE PAYMENT: All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...
SECURE PAYMENT: All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...
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total value = $3,533
your investment = starts at only $397
SECURE PAYMENT: All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...
SECURE PAYMENT: All orders are through a very secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in any way. We respect your privacy...
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